Luan Hemi (栾合密)


Ph.D. Student, Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University (Sep 2013 to Present)

Visiting Scholar, The Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (May 19th to May 24st, 2013).

Metabolomics unit leader, BGI Research, BGI-Shenzhen (Aug 2010 to Sep 2013)

M.Sc. , Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese medicine

B.Sc. , Henan University

Contact Information:



Research Interest:

Mass Spectrometry and Bioinformatics.

Representative Publications:

  1. Hemi Luan, et al. Serum metabolomics reveals lipid metabolism variation between coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure: a pilot study. Biomarkers, 2013, 18(4):314-321.
  2. Luan HM, et al. Antioxidant Activities and Anti-oxidative Components in the Surf Clam, Mactra veneriforms. Nature product research, 2011, 25(19): 1838-1848.
  3. Luan Hemi, et al. Research Advances in the Chemistry and Bioactivity of the Mactridae. Chinese Journal of Marine Drugs. 2008, 27(6): 57-61
  4. Luan Hemi, et al. Method for Constructing DNA Sequencing Library and Thereof. PCT/CN2011/083786, 2012-06-21.
  5. Luan Hemi, et al. The Specific Urine Metabolite Profile of Patients with Bladder Cancer and Its Purposes (CN201110230207)



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